our mission

The mission of Pima Partnership Schools is to empower future leaders through quality middle school and high school education. We provide rigorous, individualized learning in a supportive environment to help students in Southern Arizona graduate and succeed in their college and professional careers.

Pima Prevention Partnership

Pima Partnership Schools is part of Pima Prevention Partnership (PPP), a non-profit organization serving Southern Arizona since 1992. PPP builds partnerships with young people, families, and communities to improve their quality of life, addressing individual and community problems such as substance abuse, teen pregnancy, mental health disorders, and more. For more information, visit www.thepartnership.us.

our values

We provide students with individualized learning opportunities and the support necessary to build a foundation of knowledge and real-world application to improve their lives.


We believe respect is essential in developing productive citizens who possess positive attitudes about themselves and others.


We believe being present is critical, demonstrating a student’s commitment to success and pride in their pursuit of education that will open doors to a fulfilling and meaningful life.


We believe that extracurricular activities allow students the opportunity to learn in real world situations. Educational clubs, sports, and other enrichment activities teach the character and sacrifice necessary for students to reach their highest potential.

The 4 Pillars of Success

Since our founding in 2002, we have built our schools upon our “4 Pillars of Success” to give students a place to succeed.


We provide comprehensive support services for each student, including academic tutoring and counseling, as well as college and career preparation.


We provide individualized class schedules with valuable opportunities for credit recovery for students who have struggled in traditional school settings.


We work with each student individually to chart his or her pathway to graduation and expedited degree attainment.


We provide our students with a sense of belonging as valued members of the Pima Partnership community.


Want a high quality education with small class sizes and a safe community you can belong to? Come graduate with us!


Tucson: (520) 326-2528
Phoenix: (623) 498-8200